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Michelle Audette - Personal Coach


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As a certified Personal Coach, I specialise in helping people relieve the stress and tension in their their lives. I believe that we aren't our best when we live lives that are too busy and stressful. Learning to take better care of ourselves not only benefits us, but all those around us.  Get in touch with me today to find more relaxation, well-being and fun in your life.

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Personal Coaching

As a Coach, I focus on helping people take care of themselves better. All too often, busy lives and stressful jobs mean we become tired, burnt-out and often sick or injured. Through inquiry and dialogue, I will work with you to find new strategies to relax, have fun and enjoy life. Suitable for ages 16 and up.

Customer Reviews

''Michelle was a significant propeller in my taking the leap to follow my dreams, she spent time letting me explore what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life having grown tired and disillusioned with my present career. It helped to speak to someone totally non-judgemental and also someone who had done the same!   


She was warm and encouraging, everything you need when thinking of taking a new direction in live which can be scary and risky. If you are on the cusp of wanting to take the plunge or if it’s been sitting at the back of your mind for a while, go and share your thoughts with her and see where it leads. We only have one life!'' 

Sian, Berkhamsted 

About Myself

After spending over 20 years working in the corporate world, I was a tired, irritated and stressed out person. Sick of all day meetings, creating endless powerpoint presentations and spending nights on planes, I finally left and decided to do something more healthy, valuable and rewarding.


Having always been a student of mind/body connection, philosophy and meditation, I decided to focus on helping people relieve the stress and tension in their lives through therapeutic massage and life coaching. I believe life should be enjoyed fully and finding time to relax, smile and let go of stress can be part of anyone’s daily routine. Life is short and change is possible – I’m proud to say that I’m proof of it!


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