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After spending over 20 years working in the corporate world, I was a tired, irritated and stressed out person. Sick of all day meetings, creating endless powerpoint presentations and spending nights on planes, I finally left and decided to do something more healthy, valuable and rewarding.


Having always been a student of mind/body connection, philosophy and meditation, I decided to focus on helping people relieve the stress and tension in their lives through therapeutic massage and personal coaching. I believe life should be enjoyed fully and finding time to relax, smile and let go of stress can be part of anyone’s daily routine. Life is short and change is possible – I’m proud to say that I’m proof of it!


I’m originally from the Boston area in the USA and moved to the UK 20 years ago, after falling in love with an Englishman. Having always had a passion for travel, I found a career in international marketing and enjoyed working in wide span of countries across the globe - from China to South Africa to Brazil. Many years of international travel for work takes its’ toll, however, and when the jetlag got too much, I decided to change direction.


I have a deep interest in psychology and learning about different cultures was one of my favourite parts of working internationally. Coaching my team as well as colleagues was another one. The corporate world can be tough, and coaching my team to stay motivated, engaged, smash their targets all the while taking good care of themselves was always my number one priority. My focus was on making sure they were successful professionally and personally – learning and developing to achieve their personal as well as the common business goals.

I am a wife, stepmother, avid reader, part-time meditator, walker and still a big fan of travel (just not for work!). I live what I preach and get regular massages and practice extreme self-care, balanced with fun and indulgence - my current favourite being exploring the world of tequila! Go ahead and judge if you must, but it’s true what they say “girls just wanna have fun!”

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