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Personal Coaching

As a Personal Coach, I focus on helping people take care of themselves better. All too often, busy lives and stressful jobs mean we become tired, burnt-out and often sick or injured. Through inquiry and dialogue, I will work with you to find new strategies to relax, have fun and enjoy life. 

As a coach, I can support you in many ways, including:-


  • Stress reduction

  • Sleep disorders

  • Work/life balance

  • Building confidence

  • Finding direction

  • Unfulfilled ambitions

  • Coping with redundancy

  • Planning for retirement

  • Relationship problems

I’ll be with you each step of the way on your journey, giving you support and guidance as you create the life of your dreams.

What is Personal Coaching?

A personal coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them create, meet and exceed goals and plans in both their personal and professional lives.

Coaches operate in many contexts. Whether you are having issues in your career, finances, relationships, fitness or family, having a coach can help you create clear goals and plans, overcome obstacles or help you get unstuck in pretty much any area of your life.

Before our sessions, I'll email you a pre-coaching questionnaire to fill in. The questions will help you focus on what’s important to you, what you want in your life and what you’d like to get out of your sessions. I see clients face-to-face, on the phone or on Skype/Zoom depending on location and preference. 

During our sessions, we'll talk in-depth about the goals, dreams and objectives you want to focus on. My role is to help you explore your options and give you support while you make changes to get where you want to be. I provide a confidential environment where you can feel relaxed, calm, secure and safe. 

Coaching isn’t like counselling. It’s not about looking back – it’s all about moving forward to the life you want to live. Many people will only need 4-6 coaching sessions before reaching the stage where they don’t need me anymore. And I’m always here for tune-ups and annual top-ups.

3 -Session Coaching Package
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Some (potentially obvious, but possibly helpful) background on coaching

1. You have the answers, not me.

Coaching isn't mentoring, therapy, or consulting, although it's related to all of those disciplines. A difference is that in those relationships you're typically seeking answers from an expert. My expertise is in building meaningful coaching relationships, but I'm not an expert on you or your goals and you’ll ultimately have to determine the answers that are right for you.


2.  You set the agenda.

You’ll decide what issues we address during the course of our work together. I’ll help you track issues over time and prioritize issues in a given conversation. I’ll raise certain issues at times that I think might be useful, but the agenda is ultimately your responsibility.  It may help to think about it ahead of each session (and drop me note in advance so I can think about it too….)


3.  A coaching relationship is an equal partnership.

We’ll work together as equal partners in this process and share responsibility for its success. If we ever feel that we’re not acting as partners, we’ll say so.


4.  Confidentiality.

What you say is confidential. Note that this is a “one-way street”—I strongly encourage you to tell people you trust that you’re working with a coach and to share what you’re working on. I find that clients who invite colleagues, friends and family into these conversations get more out of the coaching process.


5.  Accountability.

You’re ultimately accountable to yourself, not to me, and my role is to help you fulfill any commitments you make to yourself. That said, we also need to honor the commitments we make to each other, starting with an agreement to be on time and ready for each coaching session.


6. Honesty

While we need to feel a sense of caring and appreciation in our coaching relationship we also need to be honest with each other. I’ll always speak professionally and with respect, but I’ll also strive to be as candid and direct as possible in order to be as helpful as possible.  My intent is never to judge you, but provide useful feedback from what I observe.

My Qualifications

I have over 20 years experience coaching teams and individuals in the corporate world. to achieve business and personal goals. Working at FTSE 250 companies, I had access to the best training and HR programmes on people development. 

Additionally, I am an accredited Stress Management, Sleep Science and Personal Coach with the ABNLP ( 



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