• Michelle Audette

Instead of taking on MORE this year - why not try stopping these 5 things?

Every January, many people make New Year's resolutions, promising to embark on programs of self-improvement. But unfortunately, 80% of these resolutions fail by February. So as January drags on and your enthusiasm for your resolutions drains away - why not try something different? Instead of adding more things to your 'to-do' list, why not try stopping some things?

Why not come up with a list of things you resolve not to care about or stop doing in the new year? Want a few suggestions for things to get rid of this year? Here’s my top suggestions below:

1. Stop over-committing. It’s okay to say “no,” but few of us do it. When you frame the decision as refusing to over-commit, it can be easier to do. You can also delegate, outsource, or occasionally do a half-assed job. Make you and your downtime a priority.

2. Stop apologising. How many times have you uttered the words, "I'm sorry" when you haven't actually offended someone or made an error? Why not try to replace it with ‘Thank you.’ Instead of ‘Sorry, I’m running late’ – try ‘Thanks for your patience.’ Instead of ‘Sorry, I can’t come tonight’ – try ‘Thanks for understanding that I can’t make it.’

3. Stop trying to be perfect. The reality is that the majority of us are average. Accepting yourself as average, regular and ordinary – can actually be quite freeing. You can release the constant pressure to be perfect. Lift that load off your shoulders. Let go of the stress and anxiety of feeling inadequate, not good enough and constantly feeling like you need to prove yourself.

4. Stop worrying excessively. Imagining worst-case scenarios only serves to reduce your enjoyment of the present. Do you really want to rehearse unhappiness, imagining all the way things could go wrong? When you catch yourself caught up in a doomsday scenario, try finding 3 things you can be grateful for instead. Research shows that practising gratitude reduces anxiety. In a 2007 study that speaks to the benefits of gratitude, patients with hypertension were made to count their blessings once a week. Results showed a significant decrease in their systolic blood pressure. This gratitude research also discovered that writing in a gratitude journal (often) can reduce blood pressure by 10%.

5. Stop hiding your true self. Why not let your outlandish urges and controversial tendencies out of their box this year? Give yourself permission to ignore that voice that tells you to conform to boring rules and traditions. You don’t have to follow the crowd – let your authentic voice inside make some decisions. See how fun it can be to raise a few eyebrows!

So forget about New Year's Resolutions today - 2019 can be your year to try stopping. A year where you let go and have more fun. Remember self-acceptance has to come before self-improvement. Take good care of yourself.

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