• Michelle Audette

It's Back To School Time Again!

It’s the middle of August, yet autumn is in the air. The evenings are getting darker and there’s a crispness to the mornings that tells my body summer is coming to an end. Here in England, we’ve had an amazingly hot summer – in fact one that has broken records for the longest and driest. And even though I loved the heat and barbecues, in my heart I’m an autumn girl.

There’s something about the school year starting, that even as an adult seems to dictate new rhythms and routines for my life. I feel the urge to organise my closet, haul out the slow cooker for stews and begin craving butternut squash and Brussel sprouts. I’m eager for a new season to start and for the new rhythms and new routines that will bring.

Humans are creatures of habit and routine. Our brains use routines to make sense of who we are and to shortcut decision making on a daily and hourly basis. Being able to go into ‘autopilot’ can save us time, energy and emotion.

This autumn will be the first that I am not in my conventional corporate job, no Monday-to-Friday, 9 – 5 routine or annual strategy review to complete. No longer am I rushing through the week madly only to collapse in a heap come the weekend.

I’m building my business one step at a time – and this is bringing a whole new set of unconventional routines into my life. My new world of massage, life coaching and writing flows 7 days a week with clients sometimes late into the evening and writing at 6am in the morning. This new career has meant giving up the familiar for the unfamiliar, and allowed me to look at all my routines with fresh eyes.

As we embark on this new season, it’s a great opportunity to critically review your habits and routines. Whether they are conventional or unconventional. Are they promoting health and well-being (going to cycling class every Monday night, meat-free Fridays)? Or are they contributing to your stress and tension (6 cups of high-octane coffee each day, binge-watching Netflix on a Wednesdays)?

I seem to be moving at a slower but steadier pace with the lulls at unusual times of the day or week. And so far, this schedule seems gentler on my body and less stressful on my mind. I decide when I want to work and when I want to rest. I’m creating new rhythms that suit me, even if they’re not the ones that would work for everyone else. But like trying on a new style of clothes, it also feels freeing, scary and slightly uncomfortable all at the same time.

As you begin your autumn season, what new rhythms and new routines are you looking forward to? And are there any new ones do you want to begin? Is it time to try something new and different? #backtoschool, #newroutines




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