• Michelle Audette

What the heck is Life Coaching anyway?

One of the first questions people have when they ask me what I do is ‘What is a Life Coach?’ Often people imagine an old-fashioned psychologist asking them to lie on a coach and talk about their childhood. This is NOT life coaching.

Coaching isn’t like counselling. It’s not about looking back – it’s all about moving forward to creating the life you want to live. People find me when they need a bit of help to make changes in their lives or feel stuck and unhappy where they are. Coaching gives a bit of structure and support to any changes and also provides someone focused on helping you get where you want to go.

Top things people ask me for help with generally are:

· Stress reduction

· Work/life balance

· Building confidence

· Finding direction

· Unfulfilled ambitions

· Coping with redundancy

· Planning for retirement

· Relationship problems

During our sessions together, we may spend time talking through your goals/ambitions/dreams, looking at the obstacles you may face in achieving them and brainstorming solutions. We may take time to visualise what your perfect day looks like and how it’s different from today. And for certain, I’ll spend a lot of time asking you questions to help dig deeper into your brain to find new creative answers to some of your questions. We may meet face to face, over the phone or on Skype/Zoom depending on your schedule and where you are in the world.

We’ll agree steps you can take between sessions to start moving and creating those dreams and you’ll generally have some homework to do as well. Often people only need 4-6 coaching sessions before reaching the stage where they are confident in their plans to move forward. That’s when I’ll take a back seat and cheer you on as you start to achieve your dreams.

Have more questions about coaching? Drop me a line on mmaudette@hotmail.com, I’d love to chat. #lifecoaching, #lifecoach



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