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So you’ve looked in the mirror and realised you aren’t happy where your life is going. You may be wanting to change your job, your relationships, your location, your health, your finances or all of the above.

And just like the professional athletes who need to improve their games, you’ve decided to hire a personal coach.

Congratulations! …..

But what exactly does that mean and what will you be doing together?

Coaching isn’t like counselling. It’s not about looking back – it’s all about moving forward to creating the life you want to live. People find me when they need a bit of help to make changes in their lives or feel stuck and unhappy where they are. Coaching gives a bit of structure and support to any changes and also provides someone focused on helping you get where you want to go.

Here’s what you can expect when you work me or any other reputable coach.


1. Create CLARITY on “What YOU really WANT in your life”

The first session with all my clients is always focused on what they want in their life. Often, people are stuck knowing what they DON’T want in their life but struggle to have a clear picture of what they DO want. It’s so valuable to carve out the time to really think deeply about:

· What’s most important to you in life?

· What’s most important to you in your career?

· What’s most important to you in your relationships?

· What are you tolerating in your life?

· What do you want MORE of?

· What do you want LESS of?

A coaching environment gives you the space and time to explore these questions fully. No more sleep-walking through your life - but carefully examining what's working and what isn't working for you.

2. Creating the Steps for Change and Maintaining Focus:

Once you have a clear vision for where you want to go, you need to map out how to get there. For some changes this may be quick and easy and for others it may take years.

I first had my vision to become a life coach and massage therapist six years before I finally made the change. But being able to hold the vision and move towards it at my own pace, made the journey right for me. I’m not someone who jumps into the cold water, I like to ease myself in slowly and gently.

Creating on an effective “plan of action” is half the battle. Moving consistently toward the desired target is the other key.

When people get CLEAR about what they want, often times, they quickly get off track. Not because their goals and objectives are no longer important, but because they get caught up in life, get busy, and present moment challenges zap their attention.

My role as a coach is to HOLD this focus, and keep your vision alive.

3. Helping You Be More Accountable To Your Dreams & Vision.

My role as a coach is to keep you on track and moving towards your vision. We all know what happens when with our best intentions, life gets busy and we put off making changes.

By hiring a life coach and having regular sessions about your plan, you can keep yourself on track and even make faster progress. No more putting things off until tomorrow, you signal to yourself your commitment to achieving your dreams. And there's someone there to call you on it if you start to slip.


1. Working with a coach isn't like working with a therapist or a consultant. In coaching, you have the answers, not me.

The difference is that in relationships with mentors, therapists or consultants, you're typically seeking answers from an expert.

My expertise is in building meaningful coaching relationships, but I'm not an expert on you or your goals and you’ll ultimately have to determine the answers that are right for you.

2. In our sessions, you set the agenda. You’ll decide what issues we address during the course of our work together.

I’ll help you track issues over time and prioritise issues in a given conversation. I’ll raise certain issues at times that I think might be useful, but the agenda is ultimately your responsibility.

I’ll generally ask you to think about it ahead of each session and drop me note in advance so I can think about it too….

3. Our coaching relationship is an equal partnership.

We’ll work together as equal partners in this process and share responsibility for its success. If we ever feel that we’re not acting as partners, we’ll say so.

4. What you say is confidential. Note that this is a “one-way street”—I strongly encourage you to tell people you trust that you’re working with a coach and to share what you’re working on.

I find that clients who invite colleagues, friends and family into these conversations get more out of the coaching process.

This one magical, crazy, messy life has been given to us to as a gift and we only have a finite time to explore, dream and achieve.

Having someone by your side and focused on your success is invaluable.

Why not make 2019 the year you achieve one of your dreams?

I’ll be with you each step of the way on your journey, giving you support and guidance as you create the life of your dreams.

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